Welcome to the Irene Glen Estate Homeowners website!

Irene Glen Estate is a tranquil, quiet estate, nestled between 2 koppies overlooking the Rietvleidam and nature reserve.  For the family looking to come home to peace and quiet at the end of the day, you have to look no further.  Turn into this estate to find upmarket, security, nature, privacy and space all in one package

The Estate was established in 1995 and forms part of the renowned farm Doornkloof. Situated between Cornwall hill estate to the North, Rietvlei Nature Reserve to the East, Smuts house and Smuts Koppie to the South-west, you will find it tucked away underneath a canopy of trees, where you can experience the most glorious sunsets. 

Surrounded by natural grasslands a likely encounter with wildlife, such as snakes, scorpions, bush babies, hares, spotted dik-kop, jackal, genet, monkies, porcupines, tortoises and other small animals, is a reality.  With Rietvlei Nature Reserve just across the road from IGE, the estate has an abundance of bird life.  During summer you can turn down the TV, sit outside, enjoy the silence or listen to the nightlife instead.

Irene Glen Estate caters for a specific lifestyle and will suit the nature orientated family perfectly.  The residents are very protective over their serene lifestyle. You will not find motorcycles being used for entertainment here.  Instead, residents choose to make use of the streets or the 33ha of greenbelt to walk, run or cycle next to the Sesmylspruit.

Irene Glen Estate is literally just around the corner from the hustle, bustle and conveniences of 21st century life in Centurion. Access is gained to the Estate from Goede Hoop Avenue (M57), just off the R21 highway, which makes Irene Glen Estate a popular choice for anybody working in Centurion, Pretoria, Midrand or on the East Rand.

The estate consists of 0.5 - 1 ha stands. Guided by the bylaws of the local city council, ther are home rules and building regulations in place.  Although there is no prescribed type of architectural design to adhere to, home owners will need to satisfy the HOA before any building activities.

Pretoria, South Africa